How to Become a Member of Talbot Rod and Gun Club

As with all activities dealing with firearms, we are sticklers for safety, first and foremost. Accordingly, no one can be presented for membership except by an existing member who has shot with the prospective member and is willing to testify to their adherence to all safety rules.

The membership process starts by visiting the Club during open hours on Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday (summertime) afternoons. If you don’t already know a member, announce your desire to become a member, and an existing member will go with you to your assigned field to observe you shooting. They will also instruct you in the courtesies expected of members, such as picking up spent shells and disposing of them, refilling the targets in the traps that were used on that field and disposing of empty target boxes, proper care and stowing of the trap controller, and leaving the field in pristine condition for the next shooter(s). Caution must be exercised in the trap houses, as well, by ensuring the machines are turned off and the cocked arms released before loading targets, both for safety and to preserve the machines’ operation.

When returning to the Clubhouse to pay for the round(s), ask for copies of the Membership Application Form and the Liability Waiver Form. Those completed and signed forms must be returned to a member with your check attached for the first year’s dues ($100) plus the initiation fee ($50).

At the next Member Meeting (held the first Wednesday of each month), the member that has observed you on the range and has agreed to sponsor your membership will stand before the other members and affirm that you were safe and courteous, and they will recommend a positive vote. Other members will be given an opportunity to express their views, as well.

Following the vote, you will be notified of the result. If your membership has not been accepted, you will receive a full refund of all fees submitted with your application.

Remember, there is a cap on the number of members the Club can have. Accordingly, each year, dues must be paid by a specified date or that membership vacancy will be opened to any prospective members on a waiting list. A reminder of that date will be on the invoice sent to each member at the end of each calendar year in preparation for the upcoming membership year.