Talbot Rod and Gun Club Notice!

The Talbot Rod and Gun Club will be open for shooting on Sunday May 17, 2020. We realize that the recent closing of the club was necessary, but we can now resume activities while adhering to the following guidelines:
  1. No more than 5 on a field at any given time.
  2. No more than two folks should operate the control button, and it is preferable to have one person not shooting to operate the control button.
  3. The club house will be closed except for bathroom use. One person at a time.
  4. Social Distance should be maintained at all times before, during, and after shooting.
  5. The cash box will be kept outside and monitored by a club member.
  6. Shooters are asked to sanitize the control button before exiting the field and any other high contact areas.
  7. Masks are optional but are suggested . Masks should be used when paying for rounds.
Thank you,
Talbot Rod and Gun Club Board of Directors

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