Irish Shoot …St Patricks Day

Corned Beef, Potatoes, Cabbage and a wide array of desserts kept the crowd fed while the shooters took the field to to break some orange and green targets. The sunshine was an added bonus.

1st Place went to Jim Robertson

2nd Rennie Gay

3rd Alex Lecompte




It was a busy day at the club on the fields, in the clubhouse , and in the kitchen.

 The New year was brought in by about 100 members who were treated to a catered menu from Thai-Italian in Cambridge, a Lecompte Roast beef, Harrison black eyed pea soup and a long list of desserts. The feast was funded by the Hasse Family in remembrance of Tom Hasse. It was a great day filled with friendship, great food and some broken clays!



2023 Club Picnic and Championship

The Club Picnic and Championship was held on November 5th. The  All American Menu featured Hot Dogs and Burgers right off the grill accompanied by a wide variety of desserts. We were blessed with good weather and most of the crowd was in short sleeve shirts. In addition to the competition several of the others fields remained busy throughout the day as we approached the early onset of darkness due to the time change.


High Gun went to Tony Lecompte

Runner up went to Joe Devens

Raffle winner went to Joe Cap


The First Grady Bridges Memorial Shoot

Yesterdays Rain brought todays sunshine and todays sunshine brought over 200 people to attend The Bridges memorial Shoot. Moms, dads, kids and friends came out for the festivities and over 80 shooters took part in the clay program. Food was provided by Butch Frase and yummy desserts were showing up everywhere. There were even some adults in the bounce house and maze ….and yes they took their shoes off and minded the little ones when they were in there!

Top Gun Chad Everett

Top Woman Barbara Boyd

High Team Bruce Boyd-Barbara Boyd-Jesse Hammett- Matt Airens

Long Bird Steve Spurry

High Youth John Schwanniger

5 stand Joe Devens



Get Ready…..Take em

On 10/8/23 shooters from the Talbot Rod and Gun Club were paired with shooters from The Cambridge Skeet and Gun Club in a simulated waterfowl/clay shoot. A member from each club was paired with a member from the other club to shoot at random targets from the goose blind set up on field two.

Since there were no birds to clean the shooters enjoyed some food in the clubhouse when the shooting was over.

Plenty of clays managed to escape for the next shoot.

Looking forward to our next joint effort.


 The First Ladies Night at The Talbot Rod & Gun Club


September 21st , 2023…


It was a long time coming but the First Ladies Night saw several new shooters break

some targets for the first time. Big smiles all the way around. Good food and a

wine/rum raising event after the shooting.


Already looking forward to the next event!!!







Republican Committee Shoot


The National Anthem


The first fund raiser for the tear was held on 5/21/23. 

The weather was fantastic and the event saw the largest attendance of shooters as well as attendees since its inception. Food was provided by Frase Catering and music for the occasion was brought to us by Justin Ryan. The event has 56 shooters in competition for top spot as well as shooters running through the 5 Stand and Long Bird event. Of special note was the number of families in attendance who came with children.




                                                      Folks enjoying the day                                                                                    The children get to bounce!


Republican Shoot Results

High Gun      Justin Firth

High Team   C. Detrich, W. Bridges, J. Burns, O. Cummings

High Jr    Zach Iyalla

High Lady    Hanna Meyers




Irish Shoot 3/19/23



Congrats Winston Chance 1st place and Jim Robertson 2nd Place . Irish skeet (trap from Skeet stations) was shot on a chilly and windy day which added to the fun. Afterwards the group warmed up in the clubhouse and were treated to corned beef, cabbage , potatoes and some wonderful desserts. Needless to say no one left hungry!


 Additional Upcoming Dates......

  • CCA Shoot ……4/28/24
  • 5/5/24 90 YEAR CELEBRATION starts at 11am
  • 5/8/24 General Membership Meeting 7p